> Georges Quenot wrote:
>> [EMAIL PROTECTED] a écrit :
>>> Georges Quenot wrote:
>>>> If you are a being that have never observed magical events
>>>> any duplicate of you "will" never have observed any magical
>>>> event either (otherwise you would differ and no longer be
>>>> true duplicates).
>>> That doesn't work the other way round. A duplicate of me up to
>>> 16:51 GMT 20 mar 2006 could  suddenly start observing them.
>> Your duplicate will know. Not You. And he will no longer
>> be your duplicate.
> I am, conventionally, the same person as my previous selves.
> I have their memories.

No. You may have lost some of them, acquired some new
ones and still share most of them (if the previous self
you consider is not too far in the past). In some sense,
you are the same person and in some sense you are a
different person.

> My duplicate will have my memories.

Your duplicate will have the same memories as you. This
is not the same thing. Once your duplicate experience
something different of what you do, his acquired (and
possibly his lost) memories will differ from yours. He
will still share most of your previous common memories
but he will not know your new ones and you will not
know his new ones. If he evenutally encoutered Harry
Potter and you do not, whatever memories you shared
before, you will not share these ones.

> Or are you saying that I am not the same person as my
> previous selves ?

As I said above, in some sense, you are the same person
and in some sense you are a different person. I feel I
am the same person as I was 25 years ago and meanwhile
I also feel very different. Maybe you also experienced
something similar.


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