On Sun, Mar 19, 2006 at 01:12:36PM -0800, John M wrote:
> A description does nothing. Just as a blueprint (see
> the faulty argument in Intelligent DESIGN which needs
> an unnamed(!) factor to implement it). 
> A 'compiler' compiles only when you add the juice to
> drive it. Design, software, hardware DO nothing by
> themselves. 

This is the old "confusing the map and the territory" argument. There
is no problem seeing how these things are connected in the timeless
Plenitude. The only remaining question is how the subjective
appearance of "flowing" time occurs in the first person point of
view. This issue is boxed up and labelled TIME in my "narrative" - I
do not claim a solution  to TIME, but nor do I see a solution anywhere
else. At least I'm not sweeping it under the carpet.

> Second part:
> Plenitude as described for MWI is one version. I wrote
> another version in my (what I call) "narrative" and
> that is the source of any MWI or universes for that
> matter. 

I'm not familiar with your plenitude, but many different, possibly
infinite possibilities exist. The justification for the one I use is
based on algorithmic information theory.

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