Georges Quenot a écrit :


> I consider the possibility that mind emerges from matter
> activity. I think that modern physics and the synthetic
> theory of evolution provide a resonable (though partial)
> account for the "technical" capabilities of the human
> mind. What remains unclear to me is "consciousness".
> The simplest explanation is that this is just the way
> things appear to human organisms but I still find that
> a bit short. Does Comp have more to say on this issue?
> Georges.

[I repost the following message for John as he asked me
do so because he experienced some problem for posting to
the group after he changed his mail address.]

So you consider matter as primary and mind as some
consequence of it? In another "Mindset" (pardon me
the pun) the reverse holds, I could formulate it as:

matter is the figment of ideation (mind?)

as "mind-interpreted" impacts from 'reality-percept'
do seem as (physical???) effects.
This position comes from the (Q?)atomic physics based
observation that ultimately the fundamental base of
'matter' does not contain matter-like ingredients.

(I just asked Bruno about HIS position of consciousnes)


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