On Sun, Mar 19, 2006 at 11:45:43AM -0500, danny mayes wrote:
> Russell,
> Thats a good summary.  However, my issue with your conclusion is this:  
> even if I accept that a  "machine" or a "prime mover" is not necessary, 
> such explanations are still part of the plenitude and therefore part of 
> reality.  So if everything is reducible to math or information, even if 
> you are correct that our reality can exist independent of these 
> third-party explanations, such explanations still exist as part of the 
> totality of everything that can exist.  What this would mean to me is 
> that the reality I experience may occur naturally as a consequence of 
> the logical bootstrapping you describe, but it would also be occuring 
> through any number of artificial creations at the same time.  These 
> realities overlap and it would be meaningless for me to try and say 
> whether the reality I am experiencing now is one or the other- it is both.

That is precisely my point. It is meaningless to attribute the
creation of the these universes to any particular creator, or to none
at all. Hence the closure. It is a subtle point. Not everyone gets it,
and I'm not even sure of it myself.

> If you accept MWI or the plenitude, there are really only a few ways to 
> avoid the above argument.  First, you could argue that our reality is 

... deleting the rest, as I'm not trying to avoid the above argument ...

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