Quentin Anciaux wrote:
> Le Vendredi 24 Mars 2006 15:20, 1Z a écrit :
> >
> > I am not sure that you mean. I have no empirical evidence that I am in
> > a HP universe. MM suggests I must be. MM contradicts my experience,
> > so I reject MM.
> MM does not suggest you *must* be... please  explain.

Yes it does. It suggests
a) every mathematical description is equally real.
b) there is a mathematical description of the HP universe (as in a
it follows that
c)  the HP universe is a real as any other, according to MM.

Likewise, a counterpart of "me" must be in the HP universe because
every union and intersection of any two sets is as real as any other.
(or every any two bitstrings can be cut and pasted to make an equally
real bistring).

> > >  Yes you are consistent
> > > with a universe with real sorcerer in it, yet till the time you are not
> > > aware of it you cannot say I'm in a HP universe, because you are only
> > > consistent with it, you would be able to say it when you would get more
> > > information (hence there will be a you who is in a HP consistent history
> > > (because you now it's real) and another you who's still in the fuzzy set
> > > HP/~HP.
> >
> > But they're all the same, in themselves ! Again, you are assuming a
> > degree
> > of separation that cannot arise from purely mathematical
> > considerations.
> No, I don't see where you want to get.

You are sneaking physics in by the back door! There is nothing
purely mathematical to keep "worlds" separate. Their unions and
must be equally real!

> >
> > If I am in a in a superposition/overlapping, it isn't  consistent
> > with my (the real me typing this) knowledge, because I don't
> > experience anything like that. MM makes predictions that are
> > not born out by my experience.
> You are *inside* a universe, you cannot feel/sense overlapping universe nor
> universe splitting...

No, I am not *spatially** inside a universe, becaue space is physics,.
not maths ! The number 2 that features in the set {1,2,3} is exactly
the same as the number 2 in the set {2,3,4}. It has no way of knowing
set it is in! Mathematical sets are **not** spatial regions! You are
about maths in a physical way, not in a mathematical way!

> Quentin

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