Quentin Anciaux wrote:
> Le Vendredi 24 Mars 2006 20:38, 1Z a écrit :
>>Quentin Anciaux wrote:
>>>A quick point still :
>>>You seem to have a problem with mathematical monism and reject it due to
>>>HP world... but HP world is not a consequence of mathematical monism, but
>>>a consequence of many world theories which can themself presuppose
>>>mathematical monism or not. Everett many world theory is not mathematical
>>>monism, still it support HP world.
>>Physically MW theories are inherently more constrained than
>>MW theories. You are not going to get water flowing uphill in a
>>physical MW
>>theory, because it contradicts the consevation of energy. 
> Quantum theory predict that there is a very tiny chance that a broken cup of 
> coffee restructured itself... yet in everett mw theory as all choices are 
> made, there exists branches where this happen all the time. Yet as I'll quote 
> you "it is not observed"... but that does not mean anything against everett 
> mw.

It doesn't mean much against Everett because Everett predicts extremely small 
probabilities for such events and so effectively predicts they will not be 
  Whether is counts against everything-exists theories depends on the 
probability measure over such theories - a frequent topic of discussion on this 

Brent Meeker

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