Dear members of the list, Bruno and those who understand G.

I have read or rather tried to read Smullyan's book. His examples are 
totally fabricated. I will never meet the white knight in the island of 
liars and truthtellers. I need examples which are relevant to life, at 
least the way I understand it in the context of the many-worlds.

Einstein (or maybe someone writing about relativity) came up with the 
paradox of the travelling aging twin. Schroedinger came up with his 
cat's paradox. Tegmark came up with the quantum suicide experiment. 
Granted, I will never travel near the speed of light; I will never put a 
cat in a box equipped with a random and automatized killing device; and 
I will not attempt suicide; my wife would just kill me. However, these 
examples fired up my imagination: travelling near the speed of light, 
existing in a superposition of state, surviving a nuclear bomb under 
your chair.

Smullyan's white knigth had the mission to teach me about the logic of G 
and G*. Sorry, he failed. The white knight does not fire up my 
imagination. I don't care about his island and about his questions. 
However I do care about life, death and immortality. The many-world does 
seem to guarantee a form of immortality, at least according to some 
interpretations. I consider this issue to be very relevant since sooner 
or later each one of us will be facing the issue of death or of non-death.

I would like someone to come up with an extreme adventure story like the 
travelling twin, Schroedinger's cat, or Tegmark's suicide experiment to 
illustrate G and G*. For example this story would describe a close brush 
with death.. It would create a paradox by juxtaposing 1) classical or 
common sense logic assuming a single world, 2) classical or common sense 
logic assuming the many-world, and 3) G/G* logic assuming the many-world.

What would the white knight do if he were living in the many-world? What 
kind of situations would highlight his talent to think in G. Would his 
behavior appear to be paradoxical from our logical point of view?

George Levy

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