Bruno Marchal wrote:
Le 25-mars-06, à 00:51, George Levy a écrit :

Smullyan's white knigth had the mission to teach me about the logic of  G
and G*. Sorry, he failed.

All right, but this is just because he miss Church Thesis and Comp. His 
purpose actually is just to introduce you to Godel and Lob theorems, 
not to computer science. The heart of the matter is that mathematical 
systems (machines, angels, whatever)  cannot escape the diagonalisation 
lemma, and so life for them is like the life of those reasoners 
travelling on fairy knight Knave island with curious self-referential 
With comp *we* cannot escape those diagonal propositions.

I am looking forward to examples involving people being diagonalized...hmmm Hilbert did come up with a thought experiment with an infinite number of people lodged in a hotel.... actually we want to go further than that and assume an infinite number of selves in the many-world....Once upon many times (Ils etaient des fois...), there were several princesses...they looked into self referential magic mirrors....and they lived ever after.

I would like someone to come up with an extreme adventure story like 
travelling twin, Schroedinger's cat, or Tegmark's suicide experiment to
illustrate G and G*. For example this story would describe a close 
with death.. It would create a paradox by juxtaposing 1) classical or
common sense logic assuming a single world,

 I think you miss the diagonalization 
notion. I will work on that. 
I am looking forward to being diagonalized. I hope it won't hurt too much.
I will give you "real examples", but don't 
throw out FU to quickly. \


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