Le 27-mars-06, à 23:13, Brent Meeker a écrit :

> The links on your web page relating to the UDA still take one to
> http://apps5.oingo.com/apps/domainpark/domainpark.cgi? 
> client=netw8744&s=ESCRIBE.COM
> a seller of DVD's for old American TV shows.

I am really sorry about that. On my machine I just get nothing, because  
the addresses are those of the old "escribe" which seems dead now. I  
will search the new addresses of the corresponding posts. Meanwhile, I  
suggest that people who want read the UDA argument consult my paper  
here (readable online and/or through the pdf). I think it is probably  
the simplest and clearest presentation. Don't hesitate to ask  




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