Le Jeudi 30 Mars 2006 20:22, 1Z a écrit :
> Georges Quenot wrote:
> > it would be a
> > "mathematical monism" in which one and only one particulat
> > "mathematical object" would exist. This seems logically
> > difficult and then: why just this one?
> Why only mathematical objects and not any other kind ?

Maybe because non-mathematical object does not exist... Exist in the sense 
that everything can be mathematically expressed/can be described. It means 
everything can finally be encoded by symbols and relation between them. So 
non mathematical object does not exist in this way because non mathematical 
doesn't mean anything.

> > > We can go some way to explaining the non-existence
> > > of HP universes by their requiring a more complex
> > > set of laws (where "we" are believers in physical
> > > realism).
> >
> > Whether HP universes require or not a more complex set
> > of laws is a very good question but it seems unlikely
> > that it can be easily answered. For some physicists,
> > the currently known (or freseeable) set of rules and
> > equations for our universe *is* compatible with "HP
> > events".
> Physical MWI is more constrained than mathematical
> multiverse theories, so there is not so much Harry-Potterness.
> Moreover,
> physical MWIs have measure and can at least predict the HP
> universes will be rare  (or faint, or something).

I see a way like I said before to "contains" this measure problem in 
computational histories. There is not absolute measure on an OM (either way I 
can't see what it could mean)... Only relative measure between two or more 
OMs, one way to explain HP universe are rare is the difference of amount of 
information necessary to the knower/observer (the one which "live" inside the 
OM) between a "plain simple continuation" and an "HP/white rabbit event". The 
amount of information for the transition between the two accessible to the 
knower is bigger in case of simple->HP continuation than simple->simple 
continuation, this could remove/diminish occurence of HP event in our own 
continuation (this universe where I'm typing this email).

SNIP-- will answer later.

Quentin Anciaux

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