Le 31-mars-06, à 11:13, Georges Quenot a écrit  (to Peter D Jones)

>> Physical MWI is more constrained than mathematical
>> multiverse theories, so there is not so much Harry-Potterness.
> This is just an opinion. It must refer to prejudices about
> what physical MWI and mathematical multiverse theories could
> or could not be.
>> Moreover,
>> physical MWIs have measure and can at least predict the HP
>> universes will be rare  (or faint, or something).
> This question of measure is difficult but I see no reason
> why this should differ between physical MWI and mathematical
> multiverse theories.

Mmh... Here I would say that I agree with P. D. Jones in the sense that 
we can agree that the white rabbits problem is almost solved for 
Everett QM (by Hartle, Graham, Deutsch and many others (not always in 
compatible way though).

... Except that those solution assumed some form of comp, which by UDA, 
means that to we must still solve the comp original white rabbit 
problem, or abandon comp.



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