Let us just take the numbers, I mean the finite numbers 0, 1, 2, ...  
But let us take them all.
Then it can be shown that numbers without an encoding of "Gone with the  
wind" are quite exceptional.  Almost all natural numbers, written in  
any base, has an encoding of "Gone with the wind", and of the complete  
work of Feynman too, and the complete archive of the everything-list.
In the land of big numbers those numbers *who don't* are rare and  

It is not entirely obvious. There is a proof of this in the Hardy and  
Wright Introduction to Number Theory.


Le 31-mars-06, à 23:34, [EMAIL PROTECTED] a écrit :

> John,
> If I understand what you're asking:  A digital recording of "Gone With
> The Wind", say on a CD, is recorded in bits, binary digits, 1's and
> 0's.  You can also express pi in binary, it's simply the base-2
> representation of pi, all 1's and 0's, just like the movie recording.
> So you have an infinite sequence of 0's and 1's which is the
> representation of pi in which to search for the finite sequence of the
> movie recording.
> Tom
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> Tom,
> may I humblly ask for an example, HOW you would
> imagine the 'sequence' in pi's infinite variety of
> numbers the connotation for "Gone With The Wind - the
> movie?"
> Just 'per apices', show the kind of sequence included,
> I don't want all the details.
> Thank you
> John M
> --- [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
>> Interesting!  This reminds me of the old standby
>> example of being able  to
>> find any sequence of digits in the digits of pi, and
>> therefore being  able to
>> find whole digital "recordings" of "Gone With The
>> Wind" or anything you  desire,
>> including your-whole-life-as-you-desire-it-to-be, if
>> you search  long enough.
>> ;)  But that's the key, in my view.  It requires
>> desiring, searching and
>> finding.  That requires a person.   Similarly, it
>> requires a person to combine
>> addition and  multiplication.  This is because it
>> requires a person to think of
>> grouping  things.  This is because it takes a person
>> to define meaning.
>> Tom
>> "An equation for me has no meaning unless it
>> expresses a thought of  God."
>> Ramanujan
>> "Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will
>> find, knock and the  door
>> will be opened to you." Jesus
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