I don't know from your wink at the end whether you are half-serious or 
But just in case (and Bruno can do better than I can on this), I think 
I can correctly appeal to Peano's distinction between mathematical and 
linguistic paradox.  The meaning of the symbols is defined at a higher 
level than the encoding itself.  Your statement turns on the word 
"chosen", which is a verb. This goes back to my other post in this 
thread that, in order to keep from going into an infinite regress of 
meaninglessness, defining meaning ultimately requires a person.


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> GWTW = "01001010110 ... binary("Frankly, my dear,...") ... 

Depending on the chosen encoding scheme, the binary representation 
could be
any finite binary string, even this '0' or '1', in this case all the
information is in fact contained in the encoding scheme (which itself 
course can be represented as a binary string using another encoding 
and this ad infinitum ;)


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