Le 04-avr.-06, à 04:35, Stephen Paul King a écrit :
<x-tad-bigger>How do numbers *distinguish* (if I am permitted to use that word) between *</x-tad-bigger><x-tad-bigger>possibility</x-tad-bigger><x-tad-bigger>* and *</x-tad-bigger><x-tad-bigger>actuality</x-tad-bigger><x-tad-bigger>*? Is the "bush" what Bruno is "beating around"?

I guess so. For a machine, an *actuality* is just a possibility seen from some "inside" point of view. It is the basic idea refered by the term "indexical" in the philosophical literature.
An expression like "Here and now I am myself" is tautologically true for such a machine, despite the fact that "here", "now" and "myself" will change their meanings with respect to each observer moments.



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