Wei Dai:
If we consider our observable universe as a computation, it's rather atypical 
in that it doesn't seem to make use of the erase operation (or other any 
operation that irreversibly erases information). The second law of 
thermodynamics is a consequence of this. In order to forget anything 
(decrease entropy), we have to put the information somewhere else (increase 
entropy of the environment), instead of just making it disappear. 


Not sure I get your point (and it is also possible you write 'erase' actually 
meaning 'delete', which is different, at least if you try to 'delete' quantum 
states.) Anyway it is (perhaps) possible to say that (according to Everett) the 
information content of the original universal state is going to be transformed 
into hidden information content of the correlations between the different 
'branches'. It seems to me that this process is different from the (usual) 
entropy increase of the environment, since the 'environment' here is completely 
inaccessible.  The increase of entropy of that inaccessible environment is, in 
part, balanced by the entropy decrease of our, actual, present 'branch', due to 
its growing specification, or decoherence, or selection (in turn due to all 
measurements performed untill now).         

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