Hi All,

   I feel like a Toffoli disciple. I cannot recreate the argument right 
but he argues that an increase in entropy is compatible with reversible 
and irreversible
processes, but a decrease in entropy is only compatible with reversible 

   The argument is interesting and the book where it appears (he was 
talking at
the "Data Ecologies 05" event last year) is due out "some time soon"...



On Apr 11, 2006, at 4:26 AM, Jesse Mazer wrote:
> Likewise, I think "the second law is interpreted as the destruction of
> information" needs a bit of clarification--as entropy increases, there 
> are
> more and more microstates compatible with a given macrostate so the 
> observer
> is losing information about the microstate, but information is not 
> really
> being lost at a fundamental level, since *in principle* it would 
> always be
> possible to measure a system's exact microstate.

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