a simple question ... (which, if it cannot be
satisfactorally answered/rationalized/justified,
its unanswereability will indicate why any
creationist models versus 'science' models of
cosmology, are not reconcilable).

Q:  What conditions-of-state of the existing
functioning universe act as the boundary condition
which -prevents- the ZPE quantum foam from 
initiating at anytime/anyplce in the cosmos - 
a new 'ultimate singularity' from instigating 
(again and randomly and unrestrictedly)?


Collateral situational notion on whether G-contant
is +, 0, or -.   ...  in frame of reference of standard
thermodynamic concept of entropy.

One model for the 'final (mathematical) solution'
to the universe posits that all matter will 
uniformly distribute into all possible 'space'
uniformly, leaving no dis-equilibrium and therefore
- ultimately - no differential, such as is required
for any activity through which 'work' can be accomplished.

The 'final' thermodynamic picture is of a universe
maximally depleted in actionability -- at all possible
levels of 'energy'.

 ... the problem with that model however is that 
the current limiting definitional assignment of 
'energy' with qualia of -motion- and transference
or redistribution of motionenergy alone are patently
limiting, and contain a significant but fundamental
assignment error.

Consider a gedankenuniverse in which only two
motionless masses exist - no initial relative
motion between them and no other masses present.

Under conventional 'definition' they are 
thermodynamically depleted.  

Yet, their mutual spacetime is -not- 'uniform everywhere'.
And it is the unbalanced, non-uniform -spacetime- which
provides the source function for additional actionable

There is a character of spacetime which is not 'thermodynamic'
but which is a gradient source, significant enough to 
instigate anti-(thermodynamic)entropy motion. (!)

In the end-analysis of a UFT, it is gravity which trumps
all other action impelling gradients.  AND it is obligatory
that gravity be re-defined because of this reasoning,
to coordinate the qualia -of- energy thermodynamics with 
the non-energy definitions and qualia -of- gravity.

The question of erasability or not of information
involves absolute accessibility of all qualia with 
all other qualia.  Transducableness of any information
(form) into any other .. at least in essential
conversion.  Without such inter-translation capacity,
(some) information is effectively PRE-erased.

Non-accesibility isn't limited to erasure (now you
see it now you don't), but includes 'preclusion'
(exists but: never see it never will).

Bringing this inclusive logic to bear on "gradients"
means that trope-ic qualities must reside as concurrent
with -gradients- per se _irrespective_ of the format 
of system -- be it inertial, electromagnetic, -or-

That is the unifying "informational" linking 
qualia-primitive of -all- these formats ... what the
UFT wellsprings from and in-which it is discoverable

"Entropy" and "negentropy" are characteristics of 
all gradients and are informational parameters of 
all gradients .. NOT of thermodynamic gradients
alone.   The exclusive linking of entropy with 
thermodynamics and thermodynamics alone is patently
hampering and incorrect and limiting.

The association of information with negentropy
is already indicative of this.  Whats required
is the association of information with
differential field structure and not just with
snap-shot 'content quantification' state-comparisons,
a with b and none else.

Jamie Rose

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