Thank you for still working on my post. I am working on the reply, in 
particular designing the set of function or number that can be 
diagonalized to generate a large number. I shall be busy this weekend 
with family matters but I will reply to you in detail.

I agree that the idea of quantum suicide did not originate with Tegmark, 
even though he is the one who popularized it. The idea also came to me 
independently in the early 1990's as I was pondering the Scroedinger cat 
experiment. What if I was the cat? How would I feel? What if I was the 
scientist conducting the experiment and I was inside a larger box 
enclosing the whole experiment? Would I feel the superposition? These 
are very obvious questions to ask. This Scroedinger cat experiment 
approximately dates to the 1920-1930's (?) and it is very well possible 
that others have had the same thought.


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