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<x-tad-bigger>I should clarify, I have taken "amnesia in Moscow" as meaning that you arrive in Moscow with a proportion of your pre-teleportation memories missing, so that total amnesia would mean you are unconscious or in a vegetative state, as after a severe head injury. On re-reading, I see that you probably meant that you are fully conscious in Moscow, but then forget some or all of what happened in Moscow (but not in Brussels) at your next destination. Actually, analogous situations occur all the time with medical procedures involving the use of amnesia-inducing drugs such as midazolam. Faced with the prospect of a procedure which you know will ultimately be wiped from your memory, should you expect an unpleasant experience, or should you expect to just wake up post-operatively with a gap in your memory? If the latter, then if you expect to become demented when you are very old, shouldn't you stop worrying about anything that might happen between now and then?

I believe this is an important and hard question, which has extremely counter-intuitive answer (with comp).

Actually, the marquis de Sade (a famous mechanist philosopher, alas also, following la Mettrie, a famous materialist!) actually reason like that. If you expect to be demented or just to be dead, nothing between now and then should be a matter of concern. So Sade proposed that life belongs to the most egoist kind of people living just for the present instant.
But comp is incompatible with materialism: we just cannot die in any absolute way, nor to be sure we will be demented in the normal (gaussian) futures.

We can also interpret Sade as a proof by contradiction of the falsity of materialism .... (?)

We should talk again on Midazolam, but be very cautious with the fusing/amnesia sort of arguments. Difficult matter.



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