Norman Samish wrote:
> Gentlemen:
> I've endured this thread long enough!  Let's get back to something I can 
> understand!
> "Why?" you'll ask.
> I'll reply, "Because your audience is shrinking!  I've plotted the Audience 
> vs. Topic, and find that, in 12.63 months, there is a 91% probability that, 
> if the topic doesn't become understandable to one with an IQ of 120, your 
> audience will be zero, and the only expositor will be Bruno.  Not that 
> there's anything wrong with that, but we must acknowledge that Bruno speaks a 
> language that very few of us can understand.  Bruno, and probably Russell and 
> a few others, are clearly Homo Superior, while the rest of us are mere Homo 
> Sapiens."
> You will then say, "Our discourse is meant for Homo Superior.  If you can't 
> stand the heat, get out of the kitchen."
> I'll reply, "Damn!  I was hoping to learn something!"
> Norman Samish


Even though the other current topic "Calculus of personal identity" has
the word "calculus" in it, I think it's an understandable and
interesting thread.  And you can also start a new thread.  For me, I'm
hoping to learn something, too, as long as Bruno lasts, and feels like
he's benefiting.  This current topic I think is just starting to really
get good, in my view.  Or it may evolve to the next level and be less
mathematical and more philosophical.  Or maybe someone smarter than I
am will pipe up and make it even more interesting.  Who knows what will
happen, but it's up to whoever wants to participate to make it happen.
My thoughts.


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