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I've endured this thread long enough!  Let's get back to something I can understand!
"Why?" you'll ask.
I'll reply, "Because your audience is shrinking!  I've plotted the Audience vs. Topic, and find that, in 12.63 months, there is a 91% probability that, if the topic doesn't become understandable to one with an IQ of 120, your audience will be zero, and the only expositor will be Bruno. 

I thought only politicians were interested in audience (during electoral period!).

Not that there's anything wrong with that, but we must acknowledge that Bruno speaks a language that very few of us can understand. 

Please ask when you don't understand, unless you are not interested. I insist enough that there is no stupid questions. Perhaps, like so many (especially in france and Belgium) you get some traumatic experience with math and you did persuade yourself you cannot understand math. My experience is that people who believes they does not understand math, well in 99,9999% are just imagining difficulties which does not exist at all. They are too much clever! Like henry Poincare I believe mathematics is the easiest of all the fields. Human psychology is the most complex one.

Bruno, and probably Russell and a few others, are clearly Homo Superior, while the rest of us are mere Homo Sapiens."

I am talking to the the Machina Universalis. Todays, with the exception of those who got a highly injured brain, current universal machines are still *very* far from being as clever as the stupidest human.
I bet you have just miss some definition, in which case it is all normal you miss the track.

You will then say, "Our discourse is meant for Homo Superior.  If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen."

I am addressing the most "inferior" of all the creatures, the simple mind common to all of us (but yes sometimes traumatized by teaching driven by pure competition or moral sadism. Note that, I have nothing against competition *per se*, but everything against competition for competition and form of social elitism based on it, which has lead us to some form of in-numeracy.

I'll reply, "Damn!  I was hoping to learn something!"

Just tell us what you don't understand. Do you grasp the notion of function from N to N? Do you know what N refers to? Just ask. You have the opportunity of being in front of a math teacher who is willing to explain you the basic starting from zero. Not just because I would be so compassionned, but because later it will be capital to understand that what I say can be understandable, in some sense, by very simple machine.

What are your relation with computers? Theoretical computer science is a field which you can get startling results quickly when starting from zero. This is rather uncommon.

Also, we are discussing since years. It is all normal that we arrive at delicate points needing to be more specific, especially in counterintuitive-land.

Come back in the kitchen Norman. You can understand the thread, and if you ask all the needed question, perhaps the audience will grow up again! Because then many other will benefit from your questions.

I don't believe in non-mathematicans! Those who say "I have never understand math" are just either snobbish, or have been mentally destroyed by some mad teacher (frequent in some country).



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