Bruno writes

> > [In the case of thousands of copies being made
> > each second, and all but one annihilated after
> > whatever... a microsecond will do]
> > No important difference exists between one person
> > to whom this is happening, and his neighbor to
> > whom it is not. They both feel similarly, and
> > by hypothesis lead very similar lives.
> OK, but just to be sure: would you say the same thing in
> case the copy are not destroyed, but send to some place P.

No: it may be that the 999 they are sent to a penal colony below
the surface of Mars; that would indeed be a bad outcome for *you*,
because duplicates are selves.

> In that case I would say there is (at first sight) 999/1000 that in 
> next minute I will be the one send in the place P, so that in the "long 
> run", there is almost no chance I continue my normal life. I will be 
> upset.

I would say that you will continue your normal life, and you will
also have a lot (too much) measure in the Martian penal colony.

> Then there is a high objective probability that I will find myself 
> subjectively in Hell after some trips, but if you keep interviewing the 
> one who is reconstituted in Washington, obviously he will tell us 
> everything is fine, given that by construction, you interview the lucky 
> one. Those in Hell knows your reasoning is unconvincing.  You are doing 
> statistic with a biased sample.

I agree. But on the other hand, if all the others get 72 virgins, then
that is a favorable outcome for you---or as we would say on this list,
the measure of the favorable observer moments dominates.

> Again, if you were thinking about absolute annihilation I agree with 
> you, but only in that case.

Fair enough, for now.  :-)


> > For this reason, our concepts and language must
> > adapt to reality, not try to make reality adapt
> > to them.
> We don't know reality, we can adapt ourselves only to appearances, and 
> bet those appearances hide some reality (and be wrong most of the time, 
> but so we learn).

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