Le 21-juin-06, à 08:49, Hal Finney a écrit  (to Saibal Mitra):


> and further, since
> the UD generates all minds, it means that all minds have equal measure.

Never underestimate the "basic fundamental stupidity" of the UD. The UD 
execution is very redundant and the measure will be relative. Unless 
you bet on ASSA in this context, but this does not make sense (cf our 
older discussion).

> And from this we conclude that the contribution of a universe to the
> measure of a conscious experience is not the universe's measure itself,
> but that measure reduced by the measure of the program which outputs
> that conscious experience given the universe data as input.

As far as I can make sense of the "universe as data"  is it not a 
Relative SSA?

> As for the question above about the Universal Dovetailer universe, it 
> is
> easily solved in this framework.  The output of the UD is of 
> essentially
> no help in producing the mental state in question, because the ouput is
> so enormous

I think it is misleading to talk of any output of the UD. I guess you 
mean the computations or execution (material or not) of the UD.

> and we would have no idea where to look.

But from the first person point of view there is no need to know where 
to look.

> Hence the UD does
> not make a dominant contribution to mental state measure and we avoid
> the paradox without any need for ad hoc rules.

I would say simply that the UD is just a frame from which internal 
relative measure occurs. So, indeed the UD itself has no genuine 
measure attributed to it. This could be otherwise for some internal 
(perhaps quantum) universal dovetailer.



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