Hi Bruno,

    Ok, but my question is: How is the set of relations between the 
"computations" embedded/encoded in Platonia such that a comparison *between* 
them is possible? We seem to be tacitly reintroducing a "distinguisher" that 
is somehow *outside* of Platonia... This is a familiar notion that I thought 
we are trying to banish!
    If all that there *is* (Exists) is Platonia, there is no place for a 
means or mechanism or process that distinguishes one computation from 
another to exist! Thus if such can not exist, then it inevitably follows 
that any notion that requires the act of distinguishing one Platonic 
"object" from another is logically inconsistent and thus needs to be 
relegated to the scrap heap of absurd notions.



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Dear Stephen,

What makes you think someone (who) asserted (where) that existence is a
predicate. I agree with you: existence is not a predicate.
Now "implementation" is a *process*. Again I agree. But this could be
just a relative computations (as those living in Platonia.


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