John M wrote:
> --- Brent Meeker <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: 
> (unless the final remark with Saibal/s signature
> underneath comes from him):
> ...
> Stathis wrote:
> ...
>>I would say that the 1st person experience is *not*
>>an illusion in any sense of the word. It is the very
>>opposite, in a >way: the most real thing, which 
>>cannot be doubted...
> *
> "I agree.  Other people are part of the model of the
> world we form.  And in the same way the existence of
> myself, as a durable entity, is also a part of that
> model.
> Brent Meeker"
> *
> Does this agreed double(?) statement not rub too close
> on solipsism? 

Not if you accept that *all* our ideas of reality are models.  The fact that 
they work well and are 
coherent makes me believe they are models of an external reality - not a 
personal illusion - but I 
can still doubt that they *are reality* itself.  In other words I take them to 
be like scientific 
theories: provisionally accepted, but subject to refutation.

> Then again:
>>The person I was when I was 3 years old is dead. He
>>died because
>>too much new information was added to his brain.
>>          -- Saibal Mitra
> *
> An interesting observation from Saibal that increasing
> the info-input to one's brain kills person(ality?). 
> I would not say "dead",  rather 'changed' as into some
> different one. (It is a gradual change, death is being
> thought of as something more abrupt and
> comprehensive.)
> In spite of that, knowing that when as a 5-yo I had
> different person-ality and ideas, brainfunction and
> emotions, I still feel NOW identity with THAT PERSON. 

I have memories from when I was 5yrs old, but the source of identity I feel in 
those memories arises 
only from the fact that I remember a personal viewpoint in spactime and I 
remember emotions.  Those 
are the same aspects of memories of last week that make them coherent with my 
model of myself as a 
being who persists over time.

Brent Meeker

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