Hi John,

Le Vendredi 30 Juin 2006 21:06, John M a écrit :
> An interesting observation from Saibal that increasing
> the info-input to one's brain kills person(ality?).
> I would not say "dead",  rather 'changed' as into some
> different one. (It is a gradual change, death is being
> thought of as something more abrupt and
> comprehensive.)

For me death means to never be conscious again... never. That's why death is 
meaningless in a 1st person point of view, because it is impossible by 
definition to feel being dead, because if you could feel being dead, it means 
you're not (dead), if you were by definition you couldn't feel/experience it.

So "the you" at 3 years old could not be dead, because you remember being it 
(in your "bones"). That's why I think speaking of 1st person 
experience/identity as being illusionary is a bad step for explaining 1st 
person experience, which is the only thing we ever experience, the only real 
thing we can be sure of.

> In spite of that, knowing that when as a 5-yo I had
> different person-ality and ideas, brainfunction and
> emotions, I still feel NOW identity with THAT PERSON.

I totally agree with this. And I think speaking (bis repetita) of 1st person 
experience/continuous identity through time as being an illusion can not 
explain the feeling of being "a self" every day till ... ? ;)

> The best
> John M


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