John M wrote:
> Dear Lennart,
> I did not read Cooper's argumentation, but would like to learn (I don't 
> believe he explained that) with what kind of logical system is he capable of 
> thinking except for the ONE which our mind provided - within the 
> circumstances and evolutionary process (I call the 'history' of this entire 
> universe: evolution)
> we 'live' in?
> Whatever one imagines is human-bound.

Cooper argues that making decisions in accordance with logic is an evolved 
behavoir - so he would 
agree that it is very much "within the circumstances and evolutionary process". 
 He further argues 
that classical logic is not the evolutionarily stable form of logic, i.e. it 
not the most fit form 
of cogitation in our present evolutionary situation.  He contemplates more 
advanced logics that 
would include more of what we think of as decision theory.

I highly recommend his book, "The Evolution of Reason".

Brent Meeker

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