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> Bruno Marchal wrote:
>> Remember that comp relies on arithmetical platonism.
> Your version does. Computationalism is standardly
> "the thesis that cognition is computation."

Could you define or explain "computation" without believing that the 
relations among numbers are independent of you?

> In other words, your argument really has two premises -- AR and
> (standard) computationalism.

Standard comp, indeed, does not make AR explicit. But as Dennett and 
others standard comp cognitivists agree on, comp needs Church thesis 
(if only to be able to take into account negative limitative result), 
and church thesis need AR. I just make this explicit, if only because I 
got a sufficiently counter-intuitive result.

Remember that AR is just the presupposition that arithmetical truth is 
not a personal construction. Put in anoher way, AR is just the non 
solipsistic view of elementary math.

> You have bundled them together into
> "comp".

Just to make some point clearer. I have not yet met someone who does 
not believe in AR. (I have met mathematicians who does not believe in 
AR during the week-end, and I have met some philosopher who pretend not 
believing in AR, but who does.



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