--- Bruno Marchal <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: 
> Le 09-juil.-06, � 14:26, 1Z a �crit :> 
> > So how do insubstantial numbers generate a
> substantial world ? 
> I guess there is no substantial world and I explain
> in all details here 
> http://iridia.ulb.ac.be/~marchal/ (and on this list)
> why insubstantial 
> numbers generate inescapably, by the mixing of their
> additive and 
> multiplicative structures,  local coherent webs of
> beliefs in 
> substantial worlds, and how the laws of physics must
> emerge (with comp) 
> from those purely mathematical webs ... making
> "comp" testable in the 
> usual Popperian sense. In that sense "comp" already
> succeeds some first 
> tests.
> Bruno
Bruno, please forgive my nitpicking:
First: "there is no substantial world",  - BUTL
> numbers generate inescapably, [by the mixing of
> additive and multiplicative structures,] local[[?]] 
coherent webs of
> *beliefs* in ((nonexisting)) substantial worlds,

Do I see here a world generated by a solipsistic comp?
Would you agree that this imaginary 'substantial
world' is a figment of our existing (math - comp
based) logic and with another one it would be 'that
way', not 'this way'? "Inescabapbly!"?
Reminds me the joke of the 9 blind scientists who try
to catch in a dark room a cat that does not even
exiost. Are we the cat?

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