Le 09-juil.-06, à 14:21, Lennart Nilsson a écrit :

> This is precisely the notion Cooper undermines in his book...

Note that comp makes already logic a branch of biology, but then 
biology is a branch of psychology/theology itself branch of number 
theory.  See perhaps my paper "amoeba, planaria and dreaming machines".
I don't insist on this for not looking too much provocative. With the 
Fi I will have the occasion to explain an abstract theory of 
self-reproduction, and self-transformation, and then shows that logic 
appears as an internal representation of those self-transformation.
I really come from biology myself (my first bible has been "Molecular 
biology of the gene" by J.D. Watson.
Perhaps I would be able to defend Cooper if the context was not that 
apparently most current scientist takes "Nature" and "Matter" as 
granted ... since Aristotle reification of primary matter.



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