Le 09-juil.-06, à 17:19, John M a écrit :

> Do I see here a world generated by a solipsistic comp?

You confuse again I'm afraid the difference between objective idealism 
(platonism) and subjective idealism (solipsism). It is different to say 
that"reality is a video game/dream, and I am the only player/dreamer, 
and to say that reality is a video game with arise from the overlap of 
the dream made the many possible first persons. Those are quite 
opposite notions.

> Would you agree that this imaginary 'substantial
> world' is a figment of our existing (math - comp
> based) logic and with another one it would be 'that
> way', not 'this way'? "Inescabapbly!"?

I guess you know that the sum of the 100 first odd numbers is 100^2.
If you really believe there  is world where such a proposition is 
false, then I would agree that the comp-physics could be different 
there for the machines living in that world. I don't think so.
I have already explain why even in our world the physics must be the 
same for machines, angels, and some first gods. Higher gods have a more 
constrained form of physics (they are less free than us). 
Super...supergods begin to have rather trivial physics, and the one 
behind all the gods, if it exists at all,  has no physics at all ...

> Reminds me the joke of the 9 blind scientists who try
> to catch in a dark room a cat that does not even
> exiost. Are we the cat?

The substantial world is the cat. I would say.



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