Bruno Marchal wrote:

> > Would you agree that this imaginary 'substantial
> > world' is a figment of our existing (math - comp
> > based) logic and with another one it would be 'that
> > way', not 'this way'? "Inescabapbly!"?

> I guess you know that the sum of the 100 first odd numbers is 100^2.
> If you really believe there  is world where such a proposition is
> false, then I would agree that the comp-physics could be different
> there for the machines living in that world.

The "world" of necessary logical truths is much larger than
the "wrord" of phsyically possible universes, which is much
larger than the observed world (the only
one that deserves to be written without scare-quotes).

The question is not whether there is a world beyond even
logical possibility, but why the observed world is so much
smaller than the Platonias. Matter answers that easily.

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