You seem to think that evolution (or matter, or the multiverse) must adapt
to a preordained logic. Adjusting, approximately, to a fixed metaphysical

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Lennart Nilsson wrote:

> Cooper says that a formalist, with only formal constraints on his logic
> (such as consistensy) is at the mercy of the formalism itself.

Meaning what ? That the formalism might not be giving answers
that are "really" right ? How would we tell ? using some
other logic ? Or empricial disproof ? But empirical disproof
itself rests on the logical principle of non-contradiction.

The only kind of logic that can be shown to be wrong
is informal logic (e.g. the Wasson Test), which can be shown
to be wrong using formal logic.

> He calls for a relativistic
> evolutionary logic where classical logic only would be justified for
> special classes of problems. An evolutionary metatheory of logic would
> recognize which those problems are.

And would itself be ineveitably based on some kind of logic.

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