I'm pleased to announce that my book "Theory of Nothing" is now for
sale through Booksurge and Amazon.com. If you go to the Booksurge
website (http://www.booksurge.com, http://www.booksurge.co.uk for
Brits and http://www.booksurge.com.au for us Aussies) you should get
the PDF softcopy bundled with the hardcopy book, so you can
start reading straight away, or you can buy the softcopy only for a
reduced price. The prices are USD 16 for the hardcopy, and USD 7.50
for the softcopy.

In the book, I advance the thesis that many mysteries about reality can be
solved by connecting ideas from physics, mathematics, computer
science, biology and congitive science. The connections flow both ways
- the form of fundamental physics is constrained by our psyche, just
as our psyche must be constrained by the laws of physics. 

Many of the ideas presented in this book were developed over the years
in discussions on the Everything list. I make extensive references
into the Everything list archoives, as well as more traditional scientific and
philosophical literature. This book may be used as one man's synthesis
of the free flowing and erudite discussions of the Everything list.

Take a look at the book. I should have Amazon's "search inside"
feature wokring soon. In the meantime, I have posted a copy of the
first chapter, which contains a precis of the main argument, at

*PS: A number of people ask me about the attachment to my email, which
is of type "application/pgp-signature". Don't worry, it is not a
virus. It is an electronic signature, that may be used to verify this
email came from me if you have PGP or GPG installed. Otherwise, you
may safely ignore this attachment.

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