John Mikes writes:

> "My" mutation story is based on interactive responses to the ceaseless 
> changes of  "the rest of the world" producing variations in offsprings. Some 
> more compatible than others.
> The variations with more 'fitness'(?) will proliferate more abundantly so 
> they are the "successful" ones. Scientists consider most variations still as 
> "the same" species and in their intermittent snapshots realize "changes" as 
> mutation - towards a better adapted fitness for survival. The reverse way to 
> how it happened. But it looks like that. No creature realizes a 'better way 
> to survive' and has a wing or fin let grow out for that purpose.
> The variants of the species "select" themselves for a better proliferation in 
> the ever changing circumstances of the environment. The '[unsuccessful do not 
> even show up (e.g. the calf with 5 feet: it was eaten by the wolf before 
> copulating age).

That's the theory of evolution. Are you agreeing or disagreeing?

Stathis Papaioannou
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