It has come to my attention that the e-book version of Theory of
Nothing is encrypted with Fileopen, a proprietry encryption plugin
that is only available for MSWindows (and possibly MacOS, although I
couldn't verify that).

I have requested Booksurge make an unencrypted version of the the
e-book available.

In the meantime, if you need to read the e-book on some other platform
(eg Linux), or need to print the book (it is much cheaper to buy the
paperback version from Booksurge, unless you have a generous employer
subsidising your printing), send me your Booksurge order number, and
I will send you an unencrypted PDF version by return email.


*PS: A number of people ask me about the attachment to my email, which
is of type "application/pgp-signature". Don't worry, it is not a
virus. It is an electronic signature, that may be used to verify this
email came from me if you have PGP or GPG installed. Otherwise, you
may safely ignore this attachment.

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