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<x-tad-bigger> I understand up to the point in step 7 where you explain the workings of the UD. You've tried explaining it again a couple of weeks ago, and I think it is clearer every time I look at it, but I still have some difficulties. I will reply to Quentin's post (which is admirably concise) later.

Quite fair.

<x-tad-bigger> I think I have more basic difficulties also, like the Maudlin argument re the handling of counterfactuals for consciousness to occur:

It is a bit harder, no doubt. And, according to some personal basic everything philosophy, the Maudlin argument is important of not ....

<x-tad-bigger>is this requirement just to avoid saying that everything implements every computation?

Jacques Mallah makes that point some years ago (in this list), and I think Hal Finney has developed that point. I think their argument are valid. But then I don't think the Putnam-Mallah-Chalmers is really a problem once you get the idea that the physical world emerge from the mathematical world of computations. Personally I have never seen a convincing argument that everything implements every computations, just perhaps some tiny part of some computations.
I will postpone saying more on the movie-graph/Olympia type of argument (if only to avoid to much simultaneous threads and to modulate the difficulties).



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