Stephen Paul King wrote:

> [SPK]
>     How is a "class/object or type/instance" within computer programing
> different? Forgive me, but I am completely ignorant of the minutia of
> computer programing. I was unable to get past page one of the manula on
> Basic and failed Algebra in Highschool. (It was discoved that I am memory
> dislexic...)

Well, classes have properties (or prototypes of properties) within
themselves , it's not all done relationally. (Actually whilst
define things, inasmuch as they define things, relationally, it
is oftern said to be fall short of a sufficient definitions of meaning
"present: gift", "gift: present").

>     In order to comprehend a consept it is necessary for me to generate a
> way to somehow grasp it as a visual picture or as something that can be felt
> by tactile means.

Now with added diagrams!

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