\I don't see relevance in your example. I do not argue against singling out 
ONE number amongst all, I argue against singling out numbers amongst 
nuimbers AND non-numbers.

In this sense numbers make sense only in relation with  non-numbers.

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Le 17-juil.-06, à 20:54, John M a écrit :

> In my 'wholistic' (not 'holistic!) 'taste' (<:I don't
> call my narrative a worldview or hypo or theory:>) the
> entire interconnection generates ANY further item
> (step in any process) with no excludability of any.
> One cannot pick ONE without tacitly including all
> others.

The same with numbers, I note in passing. You cannot believe in all
numbers except this one.
The number 17 exists only in relation with all the other numbers, in
some sense. I would say the mathematical truth is wholistic. Perhaps
even holistic ?


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