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you wrote: (excerpt):
<...The simplest explanation that comes to mind is that a brain or computer 
can interact with its environment, and it is only those computations which 
interact with their environment of which we can be aware. A rock may be 
implementing all sorts of computations, including self-aware ones, but as 
far as communicating with it goes, its "mind" is effectively segregated in a 
separate, solipsistic universe. ...<

My old complaint about "all possible":
the fact that WE cannot communicate with a rock and do not understand their 
(rocky)mind is no proof. Why do you think at all that a rock would 
'compute'? Self-awareness? all these are OUR interpretations for OUR 
immaging in Our kind of mind about the world WE think about in OUR logic.
We may concentrate on our ways but that does not deny other ways outside of 
the domain of our comprehension.
We don't even communicate with 'thinking' animals!

On yhour other post reciting Chalmers: IMO he is a well balanced philosopher 
and did not want to go into an idea of incomprehensible fasntasy, so took 
your words and replied in kind. Kindly. I would not draw conclusions of it.

Sorry, I really do not want to be that negative in respect of your 
communication which I value a lot.

John M

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