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> Stathis Papaioannou:
>>Bruno Marchal writes:
> But just because you can map any physical activity to any computation with
> the right mapping function, that doesn't necessarily mean that some 
> physical
> processes don't contribute more to the measure of certain observer-moments
> than others--Chalmers would say that there are "psychophysical laws"
> governing the relationship between physical processes and conscious
> experiences, and they might specify that a physical process has to meet
> certain criteria which a rock doesn't in order to qualify as an
> instantiation of a given mind.
"psycho-(as in human)physical (as humanly construed) for a rock? It is 
entirely out of our simujlacron. We have a picture of the 'inanimate'  which 
is 'animate'ly drawn, including only what is our observable world. Were the 
Papuas stupid for not obeying the Magna Charta? (and these both are still 
I cannot forget the Volcan Mind-melt with a stone.
> Although there is some difficulty figuring
> out exactly what these criteria would be (matching counterfactuals, for
> example?), it doesn't seem obviously hopeless, which is why I'm not ready 
> to
> accept Bruno's movie-graph argument or Maudlin's Olympia argument.
> Jesse

Jesse, in agreement with you I ask:
Could we ever free our horizon from the "humanly possible" wall that blocks 
even the possibility of thinking beyond?


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