Hi Brent,

Le Vendredi 21 Juillet 2006 17:52, Brent Meeker a écrit :
> That's simply an assumption.  When we know how to make a conscious brain we
> may find that we do have a good idea of what it experiences - as evidenced
> by its self-reports and other behavoir.
> >On the other hand,
> > if you know every empirical fact about a non-conscious entity well enough
> > to make an exact working replica, then you know everything there is to
> > know about it. We could define consciousness as what is left over when
> > you subtract what can be known about an entity by an external observer
> > from what can be known by being that entity yourself.
> If there is anything left over.  I don't think it is sufficiently
> appreciated that this "unknowability" is an assumption.

Frow what you say, I understand that you could know what it is like to being 
myself if I'd described to you my all life ? Whatever I could say about me 
will be 3rd persons communicable fact... Even when I describe a feeling, I 
describe it in a 3rd communication way, and you could infer from your own 
feeling what it would be like, never to be sure it is... because if you were 
sure of this, then you'll no longer be Brent Meeker, but me.


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