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> In your comments above you refer to Platonism.  It seems clear that if
> we are to regard mathematics or comp as having the kind of 'efficacy'
> (sorry, but what word would you prefer?), then we must indeed grant
> them some sort of Platonic independent reality, as we have given up on
> the 'primitivity' of matter.  I suppose in this case I would say that
> such reality is a 'present' one, which is how we find ourselves to be
> present within it.

Yes. And then the (bad ?) news is that, thanks to theoretical computer 
science and some mathematical logic, this can be translated into 
mathematical questions leading to difficult conjectures.

To be clear I don't follow you in case you take seriously the idea of 
making first person experience primitive.
I am happy you are open to give some fundamental role to first persons 
with respect to physical reality, but making them primitive would hide 
the difficulties (certainly when assuming comp).

I am a realist, quasi sure about positive integers, and undecided for 
the rest. I am not a physical realist but given that, possibly, all 
there is are numbers I am open (like Plotinus, unlike Aristotle, but 
like Peter Jones ! (alias 1Z)) to the idea that the big unameable one 
is a 0 person notion. Intelligibility and sensibility should emerges 
from inside like any points of view(*).


(*) Technically through Kleene predicate or through universal 
diophantine sets which embeds machines and computer science in number 


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