Brent Meeker wrote:

> And evolution constructs brains to be essentially deterministic for the
> same reason.  So is it your theory that any deterministic sequence of
> states constitutes computation and the reason a rock doesn't instantiate
> computation is that, at the microscopic level its state changes are
> dominated by quantum randomness?

My theory is that to implement an algorithm something needs to
have the counteractuals that are part of the algorithm.

A machine needs to have distinct states (unlike a rock) and
to have them counterfactually/causally linked (unlike a cloud of gas),

> This thread started with a discussion of what computation could be
> counted as intelligent - or Stathis prefers "conscious".  Does your
> distinction entail that intelligence (or consciousness) is deterministic?

I never said intelligence was computational in the first place !

> Brent Meeker

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