I recently read somebody's speculation that the reality we inhabit is may be 
a quantum computer.   Presumably when we observe Schrodinger's cat 
simultaneously being killed and not killed, we are observing the quantum 
computer in action.

Norman Samish
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> To All:
> I know my questions below are beyond our comprehension, but we read (and
> write) so much about this idea that I feel compelled to ask:
> is there any idea why there would be 'comp'? our computers require juice 
> to
> work and if unplugged they represent a very expensive paperweight.
> What kind of "computing unit" (universe? multiverse, or some other satanic
> 'verse') would run by itself without being supplied by something that 
> moves
> it? I hate to ask about its program as well, whether it is an "intelligent
> design"?
> Is it a pseudnym for some godlike mystery?
> Are we reinventing the religion?
> John Mikes 

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