>From: Norman Samish
>I look forward to seeing your "math formulas/theorems etc." supporting the 
>Perfect Universe.

Hi, Norman,

I am more interested in finding some way to make PU real.
Until now, PU is more like my dream.
Writing some math formulas/theorems etc. may just provide some mental 
satisfaction (of human being).
You may need to wait a long long time to see my math.

>Your Perfect Universe sounds like the "heaven" that many true believers 
>aspire to.  There can apparently be as many Heavens as there are Believers, 
>since each believer is free to define the specifications of his particular 

It makes sense that PU or heaven is possible because there are infinite 
resources in this (infinite) universe.
Every perfect being can have what it needs perfectly (but not necessary to 

>Maybe, if all possible realities exist (as many on this list suggest), 
>everybody's "heaven" DOES exist - as long as it is "possible."
>I'm told that a lot of people on earth believe that their "heaven" is a 
>place where qualified male humans would have some number of virgin women at 
>their disposal.

I will avoid possible politics here. So I don't comment on specific heaven.
But all beings are perfect in my PU. So all beings are equal.

>Is such a place possible?  I can't imagine that it is - but what I can 
>imagine has little to do with the reality we inhabit.



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