Le 08-août-06, à 17:00, David Nyman a écrit :

> Bruno Marchal wrote:
>> FP2: I do periphrases to talk about it. It is a confusing notion (cf
>> Chalmers "delusion"). Mathematically it needs bimodal logics (or just 
>> G
>> handled with care);
> Bruno
> Thanks for the summary, I'll look out for the roadmap.  I'd just like
> to clarify the role of FP2 above:
> Where FP1i is an individual first-person-as-instantiated, FP2 is its
> analog in what I've termed the 'shareable knowledge base' (SKB) that is
> part of the structure of FP1i.  The reason I make this distinction is
> that when I make some unqualified reference simply to 'Bruno', it is
> not thereby clear whether this is meant to indicate 'FP2 Bruno' - i.e
> the representation you or I have of 'Bruno' in the SKB - or 'FP1
> Bruno', the unique entity to which my FP2 analog refers.  In
> inter-personal dialogue, this can become really confusing because one
> party may be conceptualising in an FP2-manner - i.e. thinking in a
> 'naturalistic' way purely in terms of the FP2 representation of the
> world and its embedded FP2 representations of first persons - when the
> other (usually me, I must confess) is thinking in an FP1-manner - i.e.
> extrapolating from the FP2 representations to their FP1 referents. Such
> confusion may be implicated in 'Chalmers' delusion' and other puzzles.
> I say something about this in my comments on your earlier posts.
> To be consistent, what I'm calling FP2 should be split along the lines
> of FP1 into:
> FP2g - representations in the SKB of FP1g
> FP2i - representations in the SKB of FP1i
> Does the above clarification make a difference?

I still believe I can follow you, but I fear your vocabulary/acronym 
proliferation. I will not add comments, because those would be 
anticipation on critics you will do (no doubt) about the (future) 
"roadmap post". But thanks for trying to be clear and for being patient 
about that roadmap,



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