Le 12-août-06, à 16:36, David Nyman a écrit (to Colin Hales):

> My belief has been that restoring 1st person to some sort of centrality
> would be part of the antidote, and I haven't yet (quite) lost hope on
> this score. I look forward to the fruits of your own efforts in this
> regard.

Comp cannot not give a capital role to the 1st person, and by this 
shows that "eliminative materialism" is just in contradiction with the 
comp hyp.
... unless of course you *do* eliminate the first person, like some 
materialist does sometimes.

Now, there is a sense in which the first person can be considered as 
central, but not as primary, given that the first person does emerge 
from something else (number truth, number's proof). Wait for the 
hypostases ... (if you are patient, thanks).



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