Le 12-août-06, à 18:27, 1Z a écrit :

> Comp could be true in a material universe, so comp does not
> imply the non-existence of matter.

For some observer O, in some putative "material" universe, comp can be 
true for "a nanosecond".
To remain stably longer in a material universe is as probable as 
staying in a Harry Potter Universe. So even if a material universe 
exist, and even if just right now you are in such a universe, the comp 
first person indeterminacy entails that you will not last in it for 
more than an instant, so that you cannot use it for explanatory 
purposes. This should follow from the UDA. Don't you see?

So you are right, from a purely logical point of view, comp does not 
forbid the existence of some material realm (but what is it?). It just 
forbids the use of "hypothetical matter" for explaining physics. Then 
by the usual scientist use of OCCAM (not necessarily the stronger form 
like in some form of anthropic reasoning) it follows that we don't need 
at all the "materialist" hypothesis. Neither in physics, nor in 
philosophy of mind, theology, etc.



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