Le 17-août-06, à 00:17, Colin Geoffrey Hales a écrit :

> I'm after a real practical
> outcome. A recognition that science is mis-structured and we have to
> change. And sooner rather than later!

I don't think there is a problem with science, but only with some 
scientist (and alas with those who are often more refer too in 

Actually I don't believe in any scientific field. I believe only in 
scientific attitude, which is almost just modesty, along with 
curiosity, and some amount of willingness to share.

Science, defined as the fruit of that curious but modest attitude, can 
only go from doubt to more doubt. Despite a growing knowledge, 
ignorance grows quicker. This can be illustrated with the G and G* 
logic, but at this step, it would be useless technic. I will try to go 
back to the roadmap ...



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